Marvel T-shirts with an Edge – Tattoo Superheroes

Posted: May 3, 2009 by Andreas Engel in Tattoo Clothing Announcements, YellowMan Tattoo News
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mvcottonteeThese are not your children’s superhero t-shirts. Check out these awesome 100% organic cotton tees featuring Marvel superheroes as interpreted by tattoo artists. They are hip, grungy, edgy shirts that anyone can wear!

These new, high quality Marvel Vintage shirts by Samurai Surfer (a sister brand of YellowMan), hit the market at a good time – right when X-Men Origins: Wolverine hits the big screen. So if you want one. You had better get one now, because they are in limited supply, and are sure to go quickly.

  1. wolverine fan says:

    yes yes yes. These shirts are totally awesome!!!!

  2. laze EYE says:

    I just bought one…. looking forward to getting it!

  3. sideways says:

    me too!

  4. Boner Billy says:

    Sure like what I see. Great ideas and out of the box thinking. T-shirts are like songs. Just when you think t-shirts have peaked a great crazy over the top, fun t-shirt comes out.

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