Aaron Bell Biography

Posted: May 26, 2009 by yellowman in Tattoo Artist Bios
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Green Dragon tattoo shirt by artist Aaron Bell

Green Dragon tattoo shirt by artist Aaron Bell


In the early 80s, Aaron Bell found himself on a quest to learn as much as he could about the secretive and evasive world of tattooing. His part time tattooing quickly became his full time passion. Aaron persisted and his big break came in 1994 when the secrets of seasoned professionals were the payoff for being a dedicated apprentice. His story is much like that of traditional Japanese tattooists who strive for perfection under a master whose hopes and dreams are to see his student surpass his own talents and abilities. He had arrived at that level and proof positive is evident at his shop Slave to The Needle. There, he is immersed in a creative environment where he continues to gain knowledge through the talent and experiences of his co-workers. His tireless pursuit for perfection in all facets of tattooing have been recognized and awarded more than 70 times in 2005 alone. 

As Aaron so aptly puts it, “Thanks to all who have inspired me and you the customer, for your trust and keeping it interesting.”





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