Jason Kundell Biography

Posted: May 26, 2009 by yellowman in Tattoo Artist Bios
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Yellowman Classix Tattoo Shirt by Jason Kundell

Yellowman Classix Tattoo Shirt by Jason Kundell

Being recognized specifically for Asian style designs with an occasional look back to traditional old-skool tattoo imagery, clients often rely on Jason’s artistic ability to create custom designs. He maintains an extensive collection of books on a variety of Asian cultures and their artwork. He draws inspiration from Japanese woodblock prints by Hokusai. From an early age, Jason was instilled with a strong desire to work hard, which he feels is most times more important than pure talent. Until recently, it was an annual ritual to attend specific conventions. That desire has waned as of late. Clothing has been his only departure from the endless energy he expends tattooing. Aside from www.artworkrebels.com, his dedication to rendering killer garments designed for YellowMan are an extension of his traditional tattoo images morphed with Asian folklore and cultural icons. Jason is pleased with the imagery he has created for the YellowMan collection of Pirates of the Caribbean III, At World’s End garments. According to Jason, the coolest benefit of the YellowMan garment is you eliminate the concern of uncertain changes that result as the body ages. He is excited to see other tattooists’ creative treatment of these garments. There are alternatives to the form fitting second skin garments, with the Samurai Surfer, Misplaced Cowboy lines and men’s and women’s undergarments presenting yet another facet of YellowMan.

  1. I love this. It’s great to see designs like this that do not compromise on the tattoo mentality and lifestyle.

    I’ll be getting one

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