“Buddhist Monk” Tattoo Biography

Posted: May 26, 2009 by yellowman in Tattoo Artist Bios
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Women's Buddhist Prayer Shirt by Buddhist Monk

Women's Buddhist Prayer Shirt by Buddhist Monk


To this day, the TATTOO MASTERS of Burma, Laos and Thailand are Buddhist priests and monks. They have perfected their technique and their spiritual mission to accumulate good karma.They only apply tattoos with positive content. While applying these protective tattoos the tattooist murmurs incantations and arranges dishes filled with fruits on a altar. Their tattooing implement is a 60 centimeter long lance. A copper figure of Buddha, snakes head, bird or demon adorn one end. Opposite this weighted end is a razor sharp point, divided into four grooves running up the tip of the shaft. These grooves holds the pigments. Black is made from a mixture of animal gall and soot. Vermilion is used for red and indigo for blue. A secret mixture of herbs known only to the master are blended with the dyes for magical tattoos. There are tattooists other than priests and monks who are not restricted to ritual designs and provide more aggressive images, cultural icons as well as non traditional tattoo designs.

  1. Thomas Wilson says:

    Oh men…i like that shirt so much.You have any kinda T-shirt like that available for men. You know anykinda website selling that shirt.I’m from singapore and i’m very please to buy that product.

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