Extraordinary Marvel Vintage Shirts

Posted: May 26, 2009 by Andreas Engel in Tattoo Clothing Announcements, YellowMan Tattoo News

Three Wolverine shirt interpretations. Marvel Vintage at yellowman.com

If you are into comic superheroes, there are a ton of shirts with your favorite characters to choose from. Sorting through them all to find the best ones can be a futile chore, and you still might not be totally happy with what you end up with.

Fret no more, because now you can find the most amazing Marvel Vintage superhero shirts at yellowman.com. These shirts aren’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill shirts that you would find at the mall. They are high-quality shirts, designed by top comic book artists like Greg Horn, and original, interpretive designs by top tattoo artists. They are genuine works of art!

YellowMan is offering three different lines of Marvel Vintage superhero shirts under Samurai Surfer, YMX, and YellowMan labels.

Marvel Vintage by Samurai Surfer offers superheroes on 100% organic t-shirts, as interpreted by tattoo artist Dave Waugh. This hip and grungy line features The Incredible Hulk tshirt, Wolverine t-shirt, Ironman tee, Thor t shirt, Spiderman t-shirt, Captain America, and The Punisher tshirt.

Marvel Vintage by YMX features Marvel superheroes by top comic book illustrators, like Greg Horn. This line features brilliant, full-coverage art on athletic fabric long sleeve shirts. This line includes The Incredible Hulk shirt, Spiderman shirt, Iron Man shirt, and Wolverine vs Sentinel shirt.

Marvel Vintage by YellowMan features your favorite superheroes as interpreted by a range of top tattoo artists. This is probably the most unique of the three lines, as the artwork is very interpretive in a range of different tattoo styles. This line is printed on premium, moisture-wicking athletic fabrics that are extremely comfortable. You’ll never want to take these off.

Whatever your style is, you’ll be the envy of those around you in any one of these great Marvel Vintage shirts. Don’t wait to long to get one though, most of them are in very short supply.

  1. Marvel Man says:

    These shirts are GREAT. Yeah. Im gonna be blowin’ some dough I shouldnt be spending to get one of these. TOTALLY!

  2. Johnnny Boy says:

    Cool shirts. Wolverine looks like a badass…

  3. sideways says:

    Really cool….

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