Guy Aitchison Biography

Posted: May 26, 2009 by yellowman in Tattoo Artist Bios
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Biomech Flower Tattoo Shirt by Guy Aitchinson

Biomech Flower Tattoo Shirt by Guy Aitchinson

Biomechanical wizard Guy Aitchison is one of tattoo’s biggest heavyweights. Influenced by artists Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, Alex Grey, and H.R. Giger, Guy Aitchison metamorphoses the human canvas into masterful works of living art. Through his exhaustive experience in the tattoo industry, he has produced volumes of comprehensive guides for professional tattooists. Combined they are considered by many to be “the Tattooer’s Bible.”

Barely a child of the sixties born in 1968. Guy Aitchson tapped into his creative urges and spent about four years cranking out cover art for a California based record company. By 1989 after forty or so covers he delved into the world of body art and apprenticed at Bob Olson’s Custom Tattooing in Chicago. Paying his dues for two years primed him for the opening of his own shop Guilty & Innocent which quickly went to the top of the heap and stayed there until it closed in 1998. The urge for a change of scenery and more time to paint hasn’t kept him from slinging ink and passing along his knowledge and techniques in self published tattoo manuals and at convention seminars on a regular basis.

His artwork has been shown at numerous galleries and in national art exhibits. One notable traveling exhibit was tattoo legend Don Ed Hardy’s Eye Tattooed America which opened in Chicago at The Ann Nathan Gallery. And as Ed Hardy so eloquently put it ”Chicago is a logical context t for Eye Tattooed America. The city has a traditional enthusiasm for vigorous popular art forms and a fine art tradition of powerful figuration emanating from people associated with the School of The Art Institute- H.C. Westerman, Leon Golub, then Hairy Who and Imagist movement of a few decades ago. Many of the qualities thought of as “regional” to Chicago art are now becoming universally appreciated. Distinctions of High and Low, Fine and Folk, become increasingly pointless. Art’s genuine face is recognized as needing no pedigree. And more and more everyday people make their lives their ART.


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