A who’s who of tattoo clothing

Posted: June 6, 2009 by Andreas Engel in Misc., YellowMan Tattoo News
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The folks at NYC Renegade Report just posted a great primer on today’s tattoo apparel industry. The core of their article, entitled “Pseudo-tattoo clothing vs. the real deal“, highlights the differences between “tattoo-inspired” clothing and “authentic” tattoo clothing. Of course YellowMan squarely falls into the “authentic” category, in the purest sense.

However, the article fails to point out that Ed Hardy uses the moniker “Hardy Authentic” as a strategic branding implementation, which we believe is misleading. Ed Hardy (the brand) is essentially Christian Audigier (not tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy).  The NYC Renegade Report article does give YellowMan due credit, though, for pointing out that YellowMan is all about the art and the artists that create it.

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