The Wynwood Walls Project in Miami features 15 graffiti and muralist artists from around the world

While YellowMan’s Tattoo Sleeves exhibition in Miami covers its interior walls with art, the walls on the outside are blanketed with spectacular art produced by some of the world’s biggest graffiti artists and muralists. Produced by Deitich Projects and Goldman Properties, The Wynwood Walls feature “fifteen influential artists from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States.”

A photo gallery of The Wynwood Walls by Andreas Engel can be viewed here.

“The artists in the first phase of The Wynwood Walls are: Aiko from Japan, Os Gemeos and Nunca from Brazil, Stelios Faitakis from Greece, and Jim Drain, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Barry McGee, Ara Peterson, Clare Rojas, Kenny Scharf and the team of Swoon, David Ellis and Ben Wolf from the United States.”


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