YellowMan Announces new site for YMX athletic apparel

Posted: May 27, 2010 by Andreas Engel in Tattoo Clothing Announcements
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YellowMan is expanding into a broader market with its YMX line of athletic apparel. Moving in large strides with growing programs with Athleta and Terry, YellowMan breaks out a new web site, It’s a fledgeling site, and much of the product offering is still rolling in, so if you feel the impulse to order you might still have to wait a few weeks for delivery on a few of the items.

You can give YMX a boost by voting for us at the Bike Expo BrandNew Awards. Just follow this link and click the “Like” icon. Voting ends on the 31st, so VOTE NOW!

YMX is a commercial expansion of the original YellowMan tattoo clothing line. It’s perfect for running, cycling, yoga, ski, workout, hiking, and more! If you are finding the authentic YellowMan line is hard on your budget, YMX is a great alternative! It uses the same ultra-silky fabrics that you know and love!

YellowMan announces it's new site,


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