NEW! YellowMan’s Vision Empress tattoo shirt for Women

Posted: November 16, 2010 by Andreas Engel in Tattoo Clothing Announcements
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YellowMan's Vision Empress tattoo shirt by Taiwanese artist, Chia, features exquisite graphite detail.

Masterfully drawn by Taiwanese artist Chia, YellowMan’s new Vision Empress tattoo shirt (retail $180) for women exhibits an exquisite and feminine rendering of spiritual and still-life imagery. Using nuanced graphite details, Chia blends a contemporary composition out of traditional Hindu mysticism and classic still-life imagery.

YellowMan's Vision Empress tattoo shirt by Chia features the Hindu goddess Shakti, empowered with feminine beauty and creativity.

The front and sleeves of the shirt feature a calm, collected, female authority with a “third eye”. Chia’s figure can perhaps be interpreted as the Hindu Great Goddess (Kali Ma) Shakti, whom embodies power, ability, capacity, faculty, strength, prowess; regal power, the power of composition, poetic power, and genius. Shakti is also a spirit-wife, or female guardian angel, who can incarnate in human female form or remain wholly supernatural at will.  She is the epitome of the thought that “behind every successful man is a great woman”.

The back of YellowMan's Vision Empress tattoo shirt features a detailed still life of a peacock and chrysanthemums.

The back of Chia’s Vision Empress tattoo shirt displays an intricate composition that reads like a Baroque still-life painting. Though the peacock feathers and chrysanthemum petals are drawn in graphite tones, the detail is such that it evokes vivid color. This makes throwing on this shirt an easy match to almost anything in your wardrobe!

Because this YellowMan shirt is made with silky-soft MadKool fabric that offers efficient moisture transport, you can wear it as a fashion piece or as an athletic base layer. It might look and feel delicate, but you can wear it hard!

This Vision Empress tattoo shirt has arrived just in time for the 2010 Holiday season. It is sure to be a hot item, so get yours now before stock runs out! You can get one here.


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