Write A Caption Contest

Posted: November 18, 2010 by Andreas Engel in Misc.
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This happy yogini bought some YMX Maori Maze Leggings at the November Yoga Journal Conference in Florida.

Write your caption in the comment field below! (If you don’t see the reply field, click on the title of the post). The person with the winning comment will receive a 20% off coupon code redeemable towards any available product at ymxbyyellowman.com. The winner will be announced Tuesday, Nov 23.

All comments are moderated, so please be patient while comments are reviewed and published.

  1. Sylvia says:

    “these leggings look amazing even upside-down”, “”but a matching top would be great right baout now”

  2. Tom Cartier says:

    “where did I put my sleeves? Are they down here?”

  3. Tom Cartier says:

    “No butts about it these are my most comfortable yoga pants.”

  4. Tom Cartier says:

    “I’ve been workout in my Yoga pants so long my feet hurt. But I love these pants”

  5. Tom Cartier says:

    “I can’t stand to be without my Yellowman yoga pants.”

  6. Tom Cartier says:

    “I won’t stand for anything less than Yellowman yoga pants.”

  7. Tom Cartier says:

    “I am never behind in yoga class when I wear my Yellowman pants.”

  8. Tom Cartier says:

    “In gymnastics difficulty factor 7.8; Yellowman pants comfort factor 10.0”

  9. Tom Cartier says:

    “Yellowmans madcool fabric makes which ever bodyparts you wear it on feel so light you could float away.”

  10. Tom C says:

    “A Maori Christmas Tree………………… Yellowman style.”

  11. Tom Cartier says:

    “Yellowmans Downward Facing Tree” (that is the english name for this yoga position) or “The downward facing tree…… Yellowman style”

  12. Jennifer Stinsman says:

    De·Zen [dih-zen] The place where style meets function. Harmony brought to you by YMXbyYellowman.

  13. Steve says:

    Xtreme clothing for the extreme lifestyle.

    Making the extreme easy, YellowMan.

    Could I do this before I bought the leggings? Yes. Did I look this good? No.

    And you thought you were already expressing yourself.

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