Stress Relief with Style – YellowMan’s “Burnout” Shirt

Posted: December 15, 2011 by Andreas Engel in Tattoo Clothing Announcements
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YellowMan's new, edgy and whimsical "Burnout" shirt is packed with energy, color, and style.

Are you reaching your burnout point from this year’s Holiday shopping frenzy? Looking for a way to release your pent-up angst without undue fallout? Or maybe you simply want to be a bit jagged on the edges and show a bit of pizazz. If any of this sounds appealing, then YellowMan’s new Burnout shirt is for you!

Truthfully, this shirt isn’t ONLY edgy, it’s actually quite beautiful. The detail in the art is super sharp, and you can get lost in finding new things hidden there. The colors are also surprisingly sophisticated, and look excellent with a pair of rugged jeans or beneath a jacket for a slick flare.

So what IS in the art and what does it mean? As with all art, interpretation belongs to the beholder, and this print has a LOT to contemplate. There’s the Eddie-like (you Iron Maiden fans out there know the reference) evil skull with a “third eye” (Tool fans will appreciate this one). He (or she, perhaps?), adorned with a crown and necklace of skulls, opens up his mind in a burning puff of smoke. The expression is one of intent and confidence. Rebellious and irreverent.

Detail of YellowMan's "Burnout" shirt.

Imagine yourself spiraling down a snowy precipice on your snowboard wearing this shirt (yes! it makes an excellent base layer!) while your friends cheer for your gnarly wipeout. Or maybe you want to amp yourself up for a frigid spin on your motorcycle (as a base layer this shirt will help keep you dry and warm – not just because of the flames). Or perhaps you want to be the life of the party (believe it or not, this shirt can be formal!), styling the classy colors beneath a sharp blazer (pun intended!)

The possibilities are endless… The main thing is that you can make this your own. You wear it how you want to.

Check out YellowMan’s Burnout shirt for Men here.


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