YellowMan employs top tattoo masters around the world, representing every major style of tattoo art out there. Through the relationships with all of these amazing tattoo artists, YellowMan has been able to create some of the most stunning wearable art anywhere. Each piece of clothing, whether it be a shirt, underwear, accessory, swim suit or anything else, has a unique story rich with history, art and culture. To communicate some of these great stories, YellowMan has set up this blog for anyone caring to be immersed in adventure, as seen through the eyes of some of the world’s greatest contemporary tattoo masters.

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β˜… email: info@yellowman.com


Matty J is YellowMan’s tattoo expert extraordinaire. He’s been around the tattoo circuit for quite some time, traversing the inked subculture world over. He’s actively interviewed top tattoo artists, and written columns for top trade magazines such as Skin and Ink Magazine. He has MC’d tattoo conventions, and curated tattoo exhibitions, among other things. So, in short, he knows his tattoo shit.

That’s why YellowMan took Matty J. on board to write everything you want or don’t want to know about tattoos, their history, and the (sub)culture around them. Now you can ask any question you might have about tattoos, and maybe you’ll get an answer that surprises you! But most of all, enjoy the journey and don’t forget to Dare To Wear!

β˜… Ask Matty J. a question or send him a message here

  1. Although they were initially considered socially unacceptable for women, with the variety of celebrities that are now sporting intricate tattoos, they are getting more satisfactory and preferred for women. Naturally most women wish to go with a feminine design that will add an attractive touch to their body.

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