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Hear that sound? It’s the growing hum of online chatter about YMX.

By now you have either heard about YMX, bought and worn YMX, or joined the YMX FaceBook community. Or perhaps you have stumbled onto one of the many, many blogs that are reviewing YMX athletic/lifestyle clothing. This fast-paced trending should not come as much of a surprise, though, because we’ve known for a long time that once a person wears YMX they are a YMXer for life!

Perusing the hundreds of comments about YMX on blogs across the net we decided to compile the top three threads we are seeing and expound on them:

1) PRICE:  Perhaps the most frequent comment about YMX is the price. Many love the appearance of the product, but feel it is out of their price range.

The truth about the price of YMX apparel: YMX clothing is packed with original art, high-quality performance fabric, and silky-soft comfort. YMX garments are extremely durable and can be stretched, abused, and worn hard while still holding shape and quality. The fabric and prints offer multi-use properties, so you can wear your YMX in action or casually (or both, without changing!). The fabric doesn’t retain moisture, odor or wrinkles, and even offers UV protection. YMX makes every possible effort to include all of these benefits at the lowest possible cost to consumers. YMXers would all agree that removing any of the cherished benefits to lower the cost would be the end of a good thing. In any event, price-concerned customers would be hard pressed to find any other brand that offers the same quality/benefits at a lower price point. In short, YMX is priced at great value!

2) DURABILITY: Because YMX garments are made with luxurious, silky and lightweight fabrics, customers are often concerned about its durability and are afraid to wear it too much.

The truth about the durability of YMX: YMX garments look and feel delicate, but they can be worn hard! Stretch them, sweat in them, ball them up and jump on them. They hold up, hold their shape, don’t retain moisture (and odor!), and are hard to wrinkle. And yes, you can machine wash and dry them!

3) TOO NICE TO SWEAT IN: Sweat-prone athletes, like runners, are often concerned that YMX garments are too luxurious to sweat in. Why wear something so nice when it’s just going to mop up with moisture and get tossed to the side when their activity is done?

The truth about sweating in YMX: Perhaps many people are conditioned into thinking sweaty activities limit them to wearing basic rags. YMX is changing that mentality and believes you should have the choice to look and feel good at all times!. With YMX you can sweat away while you run, workout, or whatever you like to do, and when done your YMX garment will have expelled the moisture with little to no effect. Go sit down somewhere and get a smoothie, or hang out with your friends. They won’t shun you.

Got other concerns, comments or questions? Feel free to comment on this post.

YMX's "Maori Swirl Sun Tee" (left) and "Maori Dragon Sleeveless Cycling Jersey" by New Zealand artist Roger Ingerton.

Fans of YMX athletic/lifestyle apparel can’t get enough of the fantastic Maori prints found throughout the YMX line, and it should come as no surprise, because much of that art comes from New Zealand artist/tattooist, Roger Ingerton. Ingerton has achieved his mark as a pioneer in the development of “Maori style” tattooing (apart from authentic Moko). Much of the work he has done in this style is his own freehand adaptation of traditional patterns. He says he has learned a lot from Maori artists who have supplied him with patterns to be tattooed for themselves and their friends and families. He loves this style of tattooing, and has a real feel for the flow of Pacific Island patterns. It is probably this type of work, along with a pe’a he did in 1982 that first won him international accolades. In America particularly, his work has been acclaimed in Ed Hardy’s ‘TattooTime’, and the National Tattoo Association.

Since the formation of YMX’s parent company, YellowMan, Roger Ingerton has produced many original pieces of art exclusively for YellowMan and YMX, all of which continue to be top sellers in both lines.

Read more about Roger Ingerton at

Read what Roger Ingerton has to say about himself in an archived article on this blog.

See what Roger’s wife Margaret has to say about his Maori influenced artwork.

Ingerton's Moko-based art holds a common theme at YMXbyYellowman.

Roger Ingerton's recent "Animal Kingdom" shirt for YellowMan demonstrates his gift for combining traditional Maori art with his own contemporary interpretation.

YMX Spring 2011pre-orders for Dealers are due September 3rd!
Responses to the new YMX athletic/lifestyle line have been really strong, so it is vital that you place your orders as soon as possible to ensure you benefit from the excitement. For more information on how to become a YMX Dealer contact our sales manager, Olga Tabinsky,

The athletic/lifestyle brand YMX is growing, and with its growth it needs increased representation. If you think you’ve got what it takes to represent the cutting-edge line, put your bid in to represent one of the following territories:

  • Florida
  • California
  • Texas
  • Northeast US
  • Midwest US
  • Canada

Please note that YMX is specifically looking for energetic, youthful, sporty and outdoor-minded individuals. For more information, go to the YMX Job Opportunities page.

Stella McCartney cycling apparel for Adidas

It’s easy to find all kinds of information on outdoor cycling apparel, but what if you want to find something to wear to your spinning class? Here’s a great article we found at PDYBA::UNCLIPPED.

YellowMan is expanding into a broader market with its YMX line of athletic apparel. Moving in large strides with growing programs with Athleta and Terry, YellowMan breaks out a new web site, It’s a fledgeling site, and much of the product offering is still rolling in, so if you feel the impulse to order you might still have to wait a few weeks for delivery on a few of the items.

You can give YMX a boost by voting for us at the Bike Expo BrandNew Awards. Just follow this link and click the “Like” icon. Voting ends on the 31st, so VOTE NOW!

YMX is a commercial expansion of the original YellowMan tattoo clothing line. It’s perfect for running, cycling, yoga, ski, workout, hiking, and more! If you are finding the authentic YellowMan line is hard on your budget, YMX is a great alternative! It uses the same ultra-silky fabrics that you know and love!

YellowMan announces it's new site,

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