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Jason Kundell Tattoo Shirt

Jason Kundell had a tattoo transformation in 1988, at 13, when he and a skateboarding buddy made a fast food pit stop. There it was! A guy with the coolest tattoo of Spiderman, unlike anything he had ever seen. Till today, this notable experience is his earliest tattoo recollection that planted the seeds for a career now approaching his first dozen years of pushing ink.More...

After finding out that there were more options for tattoos than those that hung on shop walls, Jason had a friend render an original piece of artwork. Armed with the drawing, he walked in, sat down and got his first tattoo.

Before apprenticing, Jason did a few tattoos he admits to being understandably horrible. Things changed with the guidance of a few old friends, Paco Excell and Adrian Lee. First blood came in the form of a graffiti design on the body’s best canvas, the back. In addition to Paco and Adrian, there have been countless tattoo idols and role models. The work ethic and inspiration from tattooists Luke Atkinson, Chris Garver and Chris Trevino are just the tip of the iceberg.

Jason has witnessed the industry grow and change as a result of the Internet, mainstream media recognition and modern technology. It has all but eliminated the age old mystique associated with getting tattooed and provided a great deal of shared knowledge through the increased numbers of tattooists working today.

Being recognized specifically for Asian style designs with an occasional look back to traditional old-skool tattoo imagery, clients often rely on Jason’s artistic ability to create custom designs. He maintains an extensive collection of books on a variety of Asian cultures and their artwork. He draws inspiration from Japanese woodblock prints by Hokusai. From an early age, Jason was instilled with a strong desire to work hard, which he feels is most times more important than pure talent. Until recently, it was an annual ritual to attend specific conventions. That desire has waned as of late. Clothing has been his only departure from the endless energy he expends tattooing. Aside from, his dedication to rendering killer garments designed for YellowMan are an extension of his traditional tattoo images morphed with Asian folklore and cultural icons. Jason is pleased with the imagery he has created for the YellowMan collection of Pirates of the Caribbean III, At World’s End garments. According to Jason, the coolest benefit of the YellowMan garment is you eliminate the concern of uncertain changes that result as the body ages. He is excited to see other tattooists’ creative treatment of these garments. There are alternatives to the form fitting second skin garments, with the Samurai Surfer, Misplaced Cowboy lines and men’s and women’s undergarments presenting yet another facet of YellowMan.

After a day of pushing ink, it is a simple no frills process to unwind. Nourishment with wife Shelly and daughter Lula is reminiscent of many great childhood memories. Low on room, Jason is designing his next tattoo inspired by his daughter born in the year of the dog and don’t bother asking about an apprenticeship because Lula is next in line. Aside from collecting tattoos, both he and his wife Shelly are amassing an impressive array of taxidermy animals and butterflies. Works of art by friends add to his own paintings and drawings that they live with at home and at Second Son tattoo.

Jason offers some simple straightforward advice to those who yearn to become tattooists. The first thing is get tattooed so you will be taken seriously by customers. Also, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it work.
In it for the long haul with years of crappy jobs far behind him, he now is pleased to have a great job with great customers who seek him out and bestow upon him limitless creative freedom. Jason is humbly appreciative of all those who, over time, have provided help and inspiration.

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