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NBA defensive star Ron Artest shows that YellowMan Tattoo Clothing is number one.

He’s not just an NBA defensive champion. At 6 foot 7, Ron Artest is a champion for YellowMan Tattoo Clothing. Pictured above he sports a limited edition tattoo shirt by legendary Japanese tattoo master Horiyoshi III. Artest knows that the uniqueness of this tattoo shirt isn’t just about the custom-made size. The original art steeped in tradition, and the superior moisture-wicking MadKool fabric properties makes this shirt a winner in so many ways. No wonder Artest is proud to show that YellowMan is number one!

Japan’s undisputed Irezumi master.

Born Yoshito Nakano in 1946, Horiyoshi III is the undisputed master of the 200-year-old tradition of Irezumi, or hand-applied Japanese tattoo. Specializing in full-body tattoos that often take years to complete, Horiyoshi III carefully chooses his clients, making him one of the most coveted, expensive, and exclusive tattooists in the world. To receive a tattoo by the Irezumi master is considered a great honor.

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