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YMX Cycling Apparel review

Posted: November 23, 2010 by Andreas Engel in Misc.
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A dynamic duo test rides a couple of YMX cycling jerseys.

Our friends at Cycle & Style wrote a great review of YMX cycling jerseys, tank tops, and the MadKool Fabric that makes them so great!

Check out the article here.

YellowMan's Vision Empress tattoo shirt by Taiwanese artist, Chia, features exquisite graphite detail.

Masterfully drawn by Taiwanese artist Chia, YellowMan’s new Vision Empress tattoo shirt (retail $180) for women exhibits an exquisite and feminine rendering of spiritual and still-life imagery. Using nuanced graphite details, Chia blends a contemporary composition out of traditional Hindu mysticism and classic still-life imagery.

YellowMan's Vision Empress tattoo shirt by Chia features the Hindu goddess Shakti, empowered with feminine beauty and creativity.

The front and sleeves of the shirt feature a calm, collected, female authority with a “third eye”. Chia’s figure can perhaps be interpreted as the Hindu Great Goddess (Kali Ma) Shakti, whom embodies power, ability, capacity, faculty, strength, prowess; regal power, the power of composition, poetic power, and genius. Shakti is also a spirit-wife, or female guardian angel, who can incarnate in human female form or remain wholly supernatural at will.  She is the epitome of the thought that “behind every successful man is a great woman”.

The back of YellowMan's Vision Empress tattoo shirt features a detailed still life of a peacock and chrysanthemums.

The back of Chia’s Vision Empress tattoo shirt displays an intricate composition that reads like a Baroque still-life painting. Though the peacock feathers and chrysanthemum petals are drawn in graphite tones, the detail is such that it evokes vivid color. This makes throwing on this shirt an easy match to almost anything in your wardrobe!

Because this YellowMan shirt is made with silky-soft MadKool fabric that offers efficient moisture transport, you can wear it as a fashion piece or as an athletic base layer. It might look and feel delicate, but you can wear it hard!

This Vision Empress tattoo shirt has arrived just in time for the 2010 Holiday season. It is sure to be a hot item, so get yours now before stock runs out! You can get one here.

YellowMan unveils artist Roger Ingerton's Animal Kingdom tattoo shirt.

New Zealand tattoo artist Roger Ingerton has been tattooing since nine years old, when he accidentally jabbed a pencil in his hand. His skills have since been refined, specifically diving into traditional Celtic, Samoan and Maori Tā moko art. YellowMan’s new Animal Kingdom tattoo shirt (retail $180) exemplifies Ingerton’s signature art style, which infuses his broad treatment of ethnic styles in a contemporary execution.

The back of Roger Ingerton's Animal Kingdom shirt borrows motifs from traditional Maori Moko art.

Ingerton’s Animal Kingdom shirt presents a kaleidoscope of fantastical creatures of land and sea, executed in a mesmerizing Escher-like puzzle. Perhaps the signature of the piece is the back, featuring a Maori Tā moko face, or mask, design, also infused with animals of various kind. Amidst all the traditional Polynesian and Samoan motifs Ingerton inserts American Traditional elements, such as hearts, sparrows, and angels.

Example of traditional Maori Tā moko.

YellowMan’s Animal Kingdom shirt comes just in time for the 2010 holiday season. It makes a perfect, festive, original gift. Made with YellowMan’s silky-soft, high-quality MadKool fabric, it offers exceptional comfort and can be worn as a formal or casual garment. Its moisture-wicking fabric properties also makes it a perfect base layer or athletic garment. It’s vivid, sharp colors are fade resistant, and although the art will make you want to treat it with kid gloves, you can wear it hard. What more could you ask for in a garment!

Check out YellowMan’s Animal Kingdom tattoo shirt here.

Moko photo above, courtesy of Inked Plus Blog.

Admit it, your all-time favorite shirt is the one that gets thrown around and worn until it thins, fades, and grows holes. YMX’s new sublimated tees capture that essence right out of the gate (without the holes, of course!). Priced at $38 a pop, you’ll want to get all four designs. We should note, though, that if you are expecting YMX’s typical MadKool fabric you might be in for a surprise. These shirts are made with a soft cotton/poly blend.

YMX's new cotton-blend tees for men are available at $38 a pop

The Terry Summer 2010 Catalog is out, and YMX is shown in its full glory on two full spreads! The YMX cycling jerseys, YMX tanks and other YMX cycling tops shown in the catalog are made exclusively for Terry, and are all made with the ultra-comfortable MadKool fabrics you know and love. Add some flare to your outdoor experience this Summer, and wear YMX for Terry!

YMX cycling jerseys are featured in Terry's Summer 2010 catalog

YMX cycling jerseys featured in the Terry Summer 2010 catalog are made exclusively for Terry

YMX for Terry Summer 2010

YMX is featured in two full spreads in Terry's 2010 Summer Catalog.

The scoop behind MadKool Fabrics

Posted: January 12, 2010 by Andreas Engel in Misc.
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Gradually, people are discovering the magic of MadKool fabrics. So what is MadKool, anyway?

MadKool fabrics need to be worn to be fully appreciated. They are soft, lightweight, and fully breathable. The days of scratchiness, discomfort, and sweat accumulation are things of the past, thanks to the technology behind MadKool. Madkool is a polyester/lycra blend that is formulated in pellets. The pellets are then carefully converted into yarns according to the desired performance properties. MadKool has an amazing balance of everything a person could ask for in a fabric, to the point that, when worn, feels as if nothing is on.

Aside from all the moisture-wicking, UV protection, and anti-bacterial benefits, MadKool fabrics also make a perfect vehicle for enduring, vivid prints. There’s nothing else like it.

MadKool fabrics offer a lot more than performance benefits. They also hold vivid, permanent prints.

If you want a pulse on the future of technical, base layer clothing, drop by the YellowMan/YMX booths at Outdoor Retailer (OR) in Salt Lake City, and SnowSports Industries America (SIA) in Denver. Featured will be new YMX lines for Men and Women made with YellowMan’s proprietary MadKool performance fabric that has people talking.

– OR, Salt Lake City, January 21-24th 2010 – YellowMan/YMX Booth #7016

-SIA, Denver, January 28-31st 2010 – YellowMan/YMX Booth #824

See the future of performance, base layer clothing at the YellowMan/YMX booths at OR and SIA 2010.