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YellowMan long sleeve shirts for Summer

Now you can wear long sleeve shirts in the summer... without the sweat.

The hot summer months can sometimes be tricky when it comes to deciding what to wear. Depending on a myriad of conditions you can easily find yourself under-dressed, over-dressed, overly exposed to the sun, damp and sticky, and in dire need of a change of clothing. You might even need to divert your late afternoon or evening plans to go home and throw on a fresh shirt before meeting up with your friends.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then YellowMan long sleeve shirts are for you! YellowMan’s amazing, performance MadKool fabrics give you the comfort to do what you want without the hazards of the summer elements. The super-silky, lightweight fabrics wick moisture away from your body and keep you fresh and dry. They also offer SPF 30+ UV protection so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying so much about turning into a lobster.

Your YellowMan shirt can be used as a rash guard for water sport or for a weekend splash at the beach. It dries very quickly and doesn’t hang off of you like a mop. Check out pro surfer, Ryan Ragan, demonstrating the effectiveness of YellowMan’s Dragon Warrior long sleeve shirt as a rash guard.

Ryan Ragan surfing in YellowMan shirt

Pro surfer Ryan Ragan wears a YellowMan long sleeve shirt as a rash guard.

YellowMan shirts pack lightly and make excellent base layers without creating bulk. This makes them the perfect travel garments. You could pack 25 shirts into your travel bag and hardly notice the bulk-less weight. What’s more, they are wrinkle resistant so you don’t have to worry about looking like you are living out of your suitcase when you travel.

If all these benefits aren’t enough, YellowMan shirts are also exquisite, and can be easily worn out to dinner or drinks with your friends. Throw on a dinner jacket and you’ll exude a sophisticated flare. Just ask Adventure Guide, Gary Scott, who swears by the versatility of YellowMan shirts on his treks in the Dolomites.

So, to sum it all up simply, YellowMan shirts offer you everything you need during the summer months, whether you are traveling, on the beach, hanging with friends…you name it. And you can do it all without having to change. How awesome is that!

If you want a pulse on the future of technical, base layer clothing, drop by the YellowMan/YMX booths at Outdoor Retailer (OR) in Salt Lake City, and SnowSports Industries America (SIA) in Denver. Featured will be new YMX lines for Men and Women made with YellowMan’s proprietary MadKool performance fabric that has people talking.

– OR, Salt Lake City, January 21-24th 2010 – YellowMan/YMX Booth #7016

-SIA, Denver, January 28-31st 2010 – YellowMan/YMX Booth #824

See the future of performance, base layer clothing at the YellowMan/YMX booths at OR and SIA 2010.

You know something is catching on when people start showing up to YellowMan’s trade show booth wearing YellowMan clothing. Such was the case when YellowMan presented its new line of YMX tattoo cycling jerseys for Men and Women at this year’s Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. In fact, YellowMan’s superior technical fabrics weilding killer tattoo prints were so inspirational that people wanted to buy the samples right off the rack!


Something is going right when fans start wearing YellowMan clothing to the YellowMan trade show booth.

Walking the Interbike trade show, there clearly wasn’t any comparison to the YellowMan garments. All other technical garments felt synthetic, were bulky or multi-layered. Prints were generic, simple, and lacking in thematic range. But YellowMan’s garments attracted awe in their lightweight, silky hand feel fabrics, and impressive library of original art. It’s no wonder they attracted so much attention.

The good news is that YellowMan’s YMX athletic line is expanding, so those that wanted to buy off the rack will soon be able to buy it at, Athleta, through Terry Precision Cycling for Women, Paragon Sports, and beyond! For advanced notification of availability, be sure to sign up to the YellowMan mailing list. You don’t want to miss out!


YellowMan presents its new line of YMX cycling jerseys ant the 2009 Interbike trade show in Las Vegas