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A: T.V. Carpio

Actress T.V. Carpio, a.k.a. Arachne, of the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark dons a YellowMan Spiderman shirt.

YellowMan founder, Peter Mui, left behind a web of legacies, not least of which is his oldest daughter, T.V., the new starlet in Julie Taymor‘s Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Several years ago Peter Mui embarked on a license agreement with Marvel to produce YellowMan and YMX shirts Marvel characters interpreted by tattoo artists. Years later, his own daughter, T.V. has found herself in a lead role in the $65 million Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. How’s that for being a visionary!

For those planning to see the spectacular musical, YellowMan will soon be selling a few technical and cotton shirts at the theatre.

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ON DECEMBER 17, 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved the first powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight. To celebrate, YellowMan is offering 15% Off any YellowMan products with wings!  Offer is only good at on Dec 17th 2010. Enter “FLIGHT” in the Promo Code field at checkout.

YellowMan is celebrating Wright Brother’s Day for several reasons. First, how cool is it that there is even a Wright Brother’s Day! During this bustling holiday season, the dynamic duo gets lost in the tinsel and Christmas lights. But they shouldn’t! Without the Wright Brother’s, you wouldn’t be able to fly to your tropical vacation, or travel quickly to be with the extended family. You wouldn’t be able to see the twinkling lights of houses below as you embark on a red-eye flight to your destination. This is a big deal!

Secondly, YellowMan embraces the spirit of invention, innovation, creativity, thinking outside of the box, and pure gusto! The Wright Brother’s had a dream, and they pushed hard for it. They embraced danger and adventure. They FLEW!

YellowMan was founded on a similar premise; trying something new and adventurous. YellowMan founder, Peter Mui, coined the phrase “Dare To Wear” when referring to YellowMan, because it is bold and different. It is innovative and creative. It is adventurous. It celebrates our existence.

YellowMan founder Peter Mui

It has now been one year to the day since Peter Mui moved on, but he is still with us in the present.

As published in Women’s Wear Daily, September 2009

Peter Mui

Apparel Designer

Familiar to many as “Yellow Man,” “Misplaced Cowboy” or simply the loud, jocular man in embroidered jeans and a ten-gallon hat, New York City designer Peter Mui transformed lives in a friendly, unexpected storm. Indeed, everything about Peter Mui was unexpected, including his sudden passing from heart failure on Tuesday, August 18. He was 56 years old.

Born to Chinese immigrants in Oklahoma, Mui built a legacy around individuality, crosscultural identity and a zest for adventure. He began his career trading Ming Dynasty porcelain and gemstones, exploring for oil and prospecting for gold in the Amazon. But it was fashion that ultimately defined his career.

In 1981, Bonwit Teller bought five silk blouses from Mui’s self-described “designer private label,” Peter Mui. Henri Bendel, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus followed suit. In 1985, Mui purchased the label Pinky & Dianne and started P.K. Mui, a signature sportswear collection. He subsequently expanded with Hawaiian-inspired silk shirts and embroidered jeans under the labels Mui-Mui and Misplaced Cowboy, respectively.

In 1986, Mui, with Tungtex, the holding company in Hong Kong, co-founded Yellow River Inc., a New York City-based private label manufacturer specializing in women’s novelties. Today, Yellow River’s client base includes Nordstrom, Coldwater Creek, Talbots, Garnet Hill, Orvis, Macy’s, Pendleton and Sundance.

In 2004, Mui launched YellowMan LLC, a high-end line of tattoo clothing that combines original art and proprietary MadKool technical fabrics. When naming the company, Mui referenced a racial slur from his birth documentation and turned it into a badge of cultural pride and individuality.

Mui’s impressive art collection for YellowMan includes work from more than 70 of the world’s most exclusive tattoo masters, including Japan’s Horiyoshi III. Mui believed that truly good tattoo art transcended “design” and facilitated the expression of powerful,meaningful symbols of culture and identity.

Mui recently diversified YellowMan with two subsidiary labels: Samurai Surfer, a casual lifestyle line for men, and YMX, an athletic line for men and women.

Mui’s daily life was defined by his generosity, kindness and an enduring celebratory cheer in his life-long quest for universal harmony.

Mui is survived by his wife, Jenny, and his seven children: T.V., Chloe, Sacha, Tiger, Trevor, Mikael and Ethan. A memorial date has not yet been announced.

For more on Peter Mui’s memorial, including videos and performances, go here.

YellowMan is gracing many a model in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Some can be seen in print on the news stands, and others can only be viewed online in the “Behind the Scene” gallery. For your convenience, we have assembled a selection of YellowMan swimsuit shots for you.

Unfortunately, for all you women that want to wear these hot numbers, the YellowMan swimsuits were made in short supply, so virtually all are sold out, thanks to Sports Illustrated.


Olympic skiier Lacy Schnoor wears a bikini by YellowMan.

Olympic skiier Lacy Schnoor wears a swimsuit by YellowMan.

Sports Illustrated model Dominique Piek wears a YellowMan bikini.

Sports Illustrated model Daniella Sarahyba wears a YellowMan bikini.

Sports Illustrated model Daniella Sarahyba wears a YellowMan swimsuit.

Sports Illustrated model Cintia Dicker wears a bikini by YellowMan.

Sports Illustrated Model Cintia Dicker wears a bikini by YellowMan.Sports Illustrated model Cintia Dicker wears a bikini by YellowMan.

Sports Illustrated model Julie Ordon wears a bikini by YellowMan.

Sports Illustrated model Bar Refaeli wears a bikini by YellowMan.

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YellowMan presents a premier exhibition of original tattoo art in Miami.

Coinciding with Art Basel 2009 in Miami, YellowMan will for the first time put original tattoo art from YellowMan founder Peter Mui’s private collection on display for public viewing. The exhibition, entitled “Tattoo Sleeves”, includes original tattoo art from 27 different tattoo masters, representing the world’s most acclaimed artists in their respective styles, spanning Japanese Irezumi, Maori Tribal, American Traditional, New Skool, Biomechanical, Traditional Thai Monk tattoo, Henna tattoo, and other major tattoo styles.

When commissioning an artist, Mui provided a sleeve template (along with front and back shirt templates) and encouraged free creative reign to produce work that would best exemplify the artist’s signature style. As a result, this exhibition offers a rare window into the diversity of artistic approach within the confines of an iconic sleeve template, as produced by the world’s most respected tattoo masters.

YellowMan's TATTOO SLEEVES exhibition in Miami includes art by tattoo heavyweights like Biomechanical master Aaron Cain.

The TATTOO SLEEVES exhibition has been made possible in part, through the generous support of real estate mogul, Tony Goldman. In an ambitious effort to energize the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Goldman is actively transforming the exteriors of  vacant, one-level warehouse buildings into raw canvases for internationally renowned muralists and graffiti artists. If all goes according to plan, the interiors of the warehouse buildings will be soon occupied by galleries, restaurants, and arts related venues.

When Goldman discovered the history and art concept behind YellowMan, he encouraged YellowMan to participate in his Wynwood Rennaisance. The collaboration of street art and tattoo art, in the context of masterfully executed fine art, offered the prospect of a progressive, urban art movement.

For now, YellowMan’s presence in Wynwood is temporary. But YellowMan is exploring the possibility of a longer term commitment to the community. After all, the TATTOO SLEEVES exhibit reveals only the tip of the iceberg of Peter Mui’s impressive original tattoo art collection.


Peter Mui Tribute Video

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A tribute video of YellowMan founder Peter Mui by Andreas Engel offers a glimpse into the creative mind behind the man.


Peter Mui in Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of YellowMan founder, Peter Mui. His passion for life, art, and enduring friendships continues through us all.

A memorial is planned on October 19th in New York City. To request more information and to send sympathies to friends and family please email If you are requesting attendance to the memorial, please state your relationship with Peter so we can issue an appropriate response.