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Laurence Fishburne in YellowMan shirt

Laurence Fishburne dons YellowMan’s Yakuza tattoo shirt beneath a suit jacket on Katie Couric’s talk show.

How perfect is it that actor Laurence Fishburne wore a YellowMan shirt when talking on Katie about his role in the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel? Why? Because director Zack Snyder’s choice of Fishburne to play Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief Perry White created a bit of a racial stir. Until now, Perry White had always been depicted as a white (pun intended!) character.

So what does this have to do with YellowMan? Well, the tattoo clothing line was created by founder Peter Mui as a vehicle to celebrate cross-racial and cross-cultural attitudes. This was a deeply personal endeavor for Mui, growing up Chinese in Oklahoma. Mui made it his mission to turn the racial slur “yellow” on its head and re-brand it into an expression of pride.

The late Peter Mui, founder of YellowMan tattoo clothing, along with three of his children..

The late Peter Mui, founder of YellowMan tattoo clothing, along with three of his children.

For Peter Mui, the tattoo medium was an obvious choice to express his cross-racial mission. Tattoos held deeply personal meanings, they were literally colored on skin (the ultimate racial identity), and he observed that Westerners frequently wore traditional, Eastern-themed tattoos, and vice versa. Somehow, tattoos were breaking boundaries and ushering in the first examples of racial coexistence and cultural acceptance. So Mui traveled the world and commissioned tattoo masters of every style to produce original artwork, which were eventually produced into wearable art steeped in rich cultural identity.

So, back to Laurence Fishburne. There he is on Katie Couric’s talk show – talking about his groundbreaking role as a black man playing a traditionally-white Perry White, wearing a piece of traditional Japanese yakuza art by the late irezumi master, Horitoyo, in the form of a badge-of-honor YellowMan shirt  –  all beneath a purple suit jacket… Absolutely smashing and profound!

For the full video interview with Laurence Fishburne go here.

Get your own smashing badge-of-honor YellowMan shirt here.

YellowMan's new, edgy and whimsical "Burnout" shirt is packed with energy, color, and style.

Are you reaching your burnout point from this year’s Holiday shopping frenzy? Looking for a way to release your pent-up angst without undue fallout? Or maybe you simply want to be a bit jagged on the edges and show a bit of pizazz. If any of this sounds appealing, then YellowMan’s new Burnout shirt is for you!

Truthfully, this shirt isn’t ONLY edgy, it’s actually quite beautiful. The detail in the art is super sharp, and you can get lost in finding new things hidden there. The colors are also surprisingly sophisticated, and look excellent with a pair of rugged jeans or beneath a jacket for a slick flare.

So what IS in the art and what does it mean? As with all art, interpretation belongs to the beholder, and this print has a LOT to contemplate. There’s the Eddie-like (you Iron Maiden fans out there know the reference) evil skull with a “third eye” (Tool fans will appreciate this one). He (or she, perhaps?), adorned with a crown and necklace of skulls, opens up his mind in a burning puff of smoke. The expression is one of intent and confidence. Rebellious and irreverent.

Detail of YellowMan's "Burnout" shirt.

Imagine yourself spiraling down a snowy precipice on your snowboard wearing this shirt (yes! it makes an excellent base layer!) while your friends cheer for your gnarly wipeout. Or maybe you want to amp yourself up for a frigid spin on your motorcycle (as a base layer this shirt will help keep you dry and warm – not just because of the flames). Or perhaps you want to be the life of the party (believe it or not, this shirt can be formal!), styling the classy colors beneath a sharp blazer (pun intended!)

The possibilities are endless… The main thing is that you can make this your own. You wear it how you want to.

Check out YellowMan’s Burnout shirt for Men here.

The boys sporting YellowMan in the Dolomites. From left: Derek, Jed, Howard, Brandon and Gary Scott - September 2010

Many of you YellowMan tattoo clothing fans out there already know about pro-mountaineer and travel guide Gary Scott, a self-proclaimed “Ambassador for YellowMan”. He’s been running his Right Path Adventures operation in the Dolomites of Northern Italy for some time now, and ALWAYS wears YellowMan. He loves the dynamic MadKool fabric SO much that he is quick to spread the word. It wicks, it’s lightweight, it’s comfortable, it can be layered easily, it travels well, and it has some pretty wicked prints, too!

Pictured above is a gang from one of Gary’s recent adventures in the Dolomites. We should note that these shirts are so versatile that these guys were able to hike up a mountain and then gather for a leisurely meal at the end, still wearing the same shirts. You have to wear one to believe it. That’s precisely what Gary emphasizes to his troupes, and as a result he has brought a YellowMan avalanche to the Dolomites.

Here is what the guys (pictured above) are wearing:

YellowMan's Golden Beasts long sleeve shirt

YellowMan's Tyrant tattoo shirt

King of the Dead tattoo shirt

Marvel Vintage Day of the Dead shirt

YellowMan Classix tattoo shirt

For more about these shirts, and many others, visit

For more on Gary Scott, and his luxury adventure trips in the Dolomites, visit his site at

Right Path Adventures LLC

YellowMan's Vision Empress tattoo shirt by Taiwanese artist, Chia, features exquisite graphite detail.

Masterfully drawn by Taiwanese artist Chia, YellowMan’s new Vision Empress tattoo shirt (retail $180) for women exhibits an exquisite and feminine rendering of spiritual and still-life imagery. Using nuanced graphite details, Chia blends a contemporary composition out of traditional Hindu mysticism and classic still-life imagery.

YellowMan's Vision Empress tattoo shirt by Chia features the Hindu goddess Shakti, empowered with feminine beauty and creativity.

The front and sleeves of the shirt feature a calm, collected, female authority with a “third eye”. Chia’s figure can perhaps be interpreted as the Hindu Great Goddess (Kali Ma) Shakti, whom embodies power, ability, capacity, faculty, strength, prowess; regal power, the power of composition, poetic power, and genius. Shakti is also a spirit-wife, or female guardian angel, who can incarnate in human female form or remain wholly supernatural at will.  She is the epitome of the thought that “behind every successful man is a great woman”.

The back of YellowMan's Vision Empress tattoo shirt features a detailed still life of a peacock and chrysanthemums.

The back of Chia’s Vision Empress tattoo shirt displays an intricate composition that reads like a Baroque still-life painting. Though the peacock feathers and chrysanthemum petals are drawn in graphite tones, the detail is such that it evokes vivid color. This makes throwing on this shirt an easy match to almost anything in your wardrobe!

Because this YellowMan shirt is made with silky-soft MadKool fabric that offers efficient moisture transport, you can wear it as a fashion piece or as an athletic base layer. It might look and feel delicate, but you can wear it hard!

This Vision Empress tattoo shirt has arrived just in time for the 2010 Holiday season. It is sure to be a hot item, so get yours now before stock runs out! You can get one here.

YellowMan unveils artist Roger Ingerton's Animal Kingdom tattoo shirt.

New Zealand tattoo artist Roger Ingerton has been tattooing since nine years old, when he accidentally jabbed a pencil in his hand. His skills have since been refined, specifically diving into traditional Celtic, Samoan and Maori Tā moko art. YellowMan’s new Animal Kingdom tattoo shirt (retail $180) exemplifies Ingerton’s signature art style, which infuses his broad treatment of ethnic styles in a contemporary execution.

The back of Roger Ingerton's Animal Kingdom shirt borrows motifs from traditional Maori Moko art.

Ingerton’s Animal Kingdom shirt presents a kaleidoscope of fantastical creatures of land and sea, executed in a mesmerizing Escher-like puzzle. Perhaps the signature of the piece is the back, featuring a Maori Tā moko face, or mask, design, also infused with animals of various kind. Amidst all the traditional Polynesian and Samoan motifs Ingerton inserts American Traditional elements, such as hearts, sparrows, and angels.

Example of traditional Maori Tā moko.

YellowMan’s Animal Kingdom shirt comes just in time for the 2010 holiday season. It makes a perfect, festive, original gift. Made with YellowMan’s silky-soft, high-quality MadKool fabric, it offers exceptional comfort and can be worn as a formal or casual garment. Its moisture-wicking fabric properties also makes it a perfect base layer or athletic garment. It’s vivid, sharp colors are fade resistant, and although the art will make you want to treat it with kid gloves, you can wear it hard. What more could you ask for in a garment!

Check out YellowMan’s Animal Kingdom tattoo shirt here.

Moko photo above, courtesy of Inked Plus Blog.

If you are serious about tattoos and motorcycle racing, you might want to check out the Dainese Tattoo Suit. The leather motorcycle gear is packed with impressive Maori and Samurai-inspired motifs. But this elaborate armor doesn’t come cheap. Expect to pay around $3500 US for it.

If the Dainese Tattoo Suit is out of your budget, or if you don’t race motorcycles, you can get an authentic tattoo shirt on performance fabric at YellowMan or YMX at a fraction of the price. As a matter of fact, one of YellowMan’s own artists, Sweden’s tattoo master Tony Paukku, has a love of motorcycle racing himself. Check out some of Tony Paukku’s tattoo shirts here.


YellowMan's White Dragon tattoo shirt is a great alternative to the Dianese Tattoo motorcycle suit. Or even better...with it's performance properties it would be perfect to wear beneath the suit!


YellowMan Fan Jason Wagg just won a free YMX shirt for hitting the 800 mark on YellowMan Facebook

Meet Jason Wagg, YellowMan’s Facebook Fan #800. He has a refined taste in espresso, cookies, and YellowMan tattoo clothing.

Jason just won a free YMX shirt for making the first comment when the YellowMan/YMX facebook fan count hit 800. We’ll do it again at 900, so keep your friends coming and your eyes watching!

If you want to ask Jason Wagg what kind of coffee he likes, or what he has to say about YellowMan, look him up on our Facebook page and make a comment.

Pictured above: Jason is wearing a YellowMan Fire Dragon tattoo shirt…and loving it!