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Outdoor enthusiast Angela Chabot enjoys horseback riding wearing YellowMan or YMX tattoo clothing.

Meet Angela Chabot. She loves horseback riding, mountain biking, wake boarding, snowboarding, and YellowMan and YMX tattoo clothing. Angela is proud to be YellowMan/YMX Facebook Fan #900!

Angela owns and operate a small cottage rental business on a lake in southeastern Connecticut, where guests do everything from kayaking, canoeing, and fishing to water skiing and wake boarding on the lake. See more at

Angela Chabot wears a YellowMan mesh top while downhill mountain biking at Sugarbush, VT

Like more and more YellowMan and YMX fans, Angela exclaims that she “pretty much only wears Yellowman,” because “the artwork is gorgeous the way it moves with the body! But also because it keeps me warm in the winter and keeps the sun off in the summer.”

YellowMan Fan Angela Chabot scales a riverside cliff in Vermont.

For those of you that haven’t yet experienced the thrill of wearing YellowMan and YMX clothing, you might want to take note of Angela’s testimonial. The fabrics really do feel sensational, and the artwork is all authentic – by seasoned artists around the world. There is something for everyone. And, although the fabric and exquisite prints might seem delicate, they can be worn hard, as Angela Chabot clearly demonstrates.

YellowMan Facebook Fan #900, Angela Chabot, hiking in Redwoods National Park.

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The boys sporting YellowMan in the Dolomites. From left: Derek, Jed, Howard, Brandon and Gary Scott - September 2010

Many of you YellowMan tattoo clothing fans out there already know about pro-mountaineer and travel guide Gary Scott, a self-proclaimed “Ambassador for YellowMan”. He’s been running his Right Path Adventures operation in the Dolomites of Northern Italy for some time now, and ALWAYS wears YellowMan. He loves the dynamic MadKool fabric SO much that he is quick to spread the word. It wicks, it’s lightweight, it’s comfortable, it can be layered easily, it travels well, and it has some pretty wicked prints, too!

Pictured above is a gang from one of Gary’s recent adventures in the Dolomites. We should note that these shirts are so versatile that these guys were able to hike up a mountain and then gather for a leisurely meal at the end, still wearing the same shirts. You have to wear one to believe it. That’s precisely what Gary emphasizes to his troupes, and as a result he has brought a YellowMan avalanche to the Dolomites.

Here is what the guys (pictured above) are wearing:

YellowMan's Golden Beasts long sleeve shirt

YellowMan's Tyrant tattoo shirt

King of the Dead tattoo shirt

Marvel Vintage Day of the Dead shirt

YellowMan Classix tattoo shirt

For more about these shirts, and many others, visit

For more on Gary Scott, and his luxury adventure trips in the Dolomites, visit his site at

Right Path Adventures LLC

Linda Minsker (left) and Christine Fingado of the running team Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons, display their awards earned at the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Florida.

Keep on the lookout for the Florida running troupe, Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons. These spirited runners have discovered the winning benefits of YMX base layer garments.

Two of the team members, Linda Minsker and Christine Fingado (pictured above), recently ran in the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon wearing YMX’s Fierce Dragon long sleeve base layer shirt. The runners noted after the race, “The shirts were a show stopper. One guy even shouted out ‘Those shirts are HOT!'”

The truth is the shirts don’t just look great, they are ultra-functional. The proprietary MadKool fabric is comfortable, lightweight, and efficiently wicks moisture away from your skin. It’s no wonder that the entire Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons team will be wearing YMX in their upcoming Ragnar marathon in January.

Fierce Dragon Base Layer shirt by Yellowman

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Adventure guide Gary Scott dons his YellowMan shirt in the Dolomites.

When it comes to fans of YellowMan, there is no bigger advocate than Gary Scott. One would be hard pressed to find a day when he isn’t wearing a YellowMan or YMX shirt. Coming from a man who has been on two successful Mount Everest expeditions (and has reached 27,500 feet without supplemental oxygen!), holds the world record for fastest ascent of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley, and has taken adventurists on over 30 Himalayan treks (among other places), that’s quite an endorsement!

Gary Scott swears by YellowMan shirts. He loves them because they travel light and compact, and because they effectively wick moisture on his adventures. He also notes that he can easily layer YellowMan garments, without adding bulk. This allows him to stay warm in cooler territory, and peel off when things get hot.

Gary’s adventures aren’t restricted to mountains. He frequently finds himself in 3-4 star restaurants for a bit of respite and socialization. Gary tells us that, because of their fine quality and sophisticated appearance,  YellowMan shirts can be worn straight from the mountains into casual or formal environments. Beneath a suit jacket, a YellowMan shirt reads more like a high-quality silk shirt rather than a performance base layer garment.

Gary Scott offers adventure trips to the Dolomites, where participants soak in breathtaking scenery.


A native Australian, Gary Scott has spent over twenty years of his life climbing and exploring much of the world, including over 30 trips to the Himalayas.  A pioneer of extreme rock climbing and previously an international mountain guide, he is the world-record holder for the fastest ascent of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley, climbing it alone in a super human 18 ½ hours.  He has owned and operated his own adventure travel company with offices in Nepal, London and the U.S., and worked with the U.S. Triathlon Team and the U.S. Olympic Committee.  He has managed numerous radio stations and sales teams, and worked on dozens of advertising, public relations and marketing projects. Read more…

For those looking for a recreational adventure that “feels more like a vacation“, Gary Scott (via his company, Right Path Adventures) offers trips to his favorite stomping ground, the Dolomites of Northern Italy. The package includes local travel, 3-4 star lodging and dining, and  expertly guided tours in small groups.

For more information on Gary Scott’s Adventure tours in the Dolomites, visit Right Path Adventures.

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