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YellowMan is proud to announce it is an official sponsor of the upcoming film 600″.  As part of the World Premier celebration taking place in Jackson, Wyoming on Friday November 7th 2008, YellowMan will be celebrating the event donating numerous pieces of YellowMan apparel for auction as well as offering tons of freebies and giveaways.


So get this. Pictured here is celeb martial arts fighter/actor/film producer Tony Schiena wearing YellowMan’s Yakuza shirt by Horitoyo. He stopped by our NY Showroom last week to try on this killer shirt, and he let us snap this pic. He’ll be transferring this authentic tattoo design onto his body for an upcoming martial arts movie that he is both starring and producing. The movie will feature a scene of him getting tatted by a Japanese Yakuza master, using the traditional irezumi lance-tapping technique. Tony Schiena’s movie “Darc” is still in production, but look out for it some time next year. He tells us this is the “real deal,” not some featherweight martial arts movie.