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YMX's "Maori Swirl Sun Tee" (left) and "Maori Dragon Sleeveless Cycling Jersey" by New Zealand artist Roger Ingerton.

Fans of YMX athletic/lifestyle apparel can’t get enough of the fantastic Maori prints found throughout the YMX line, and it should come as no surprise, because much of that art comes from New Zealand artist/tattooist, Roger Ingerton. Ingerton has achieved his mark as a pioneer in the development of “Maori style” tattooing (apart from authentic Moko). Much of the work he has done in this style is his own freehand adaptation of traditional patterns. He says he has learned a lot from Maori artists who have supplied him with patterns to be tattooed for themselves and their friends and families. He loves this style of tattooing, and has a real feel for the flow of Pacific Island patterns. It is probably this type of work, along with a pe’a he did in 1982 that first won him international accolades. In America particularly, his work has been acclaimed in Ed Hardy’s ‘TattooTime’, and the National Tattoo Association.

Since the formation of YMX’s parent company, YellowMan, Roger Ingerton has produced many original pieces of art exclusively for YellowMan and YMX, all of which continue to be top sellers in both lines.

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Ingerton's Moko-based art holds a common theme at YMXbyYellowman.

Roger Ingerton's recent "Animal Kingdom" shirt for YellowMan demonstrates his gift for combining traditional Maori art with his own contemporary interpretation.


Biomech Flower Tattoo Shirt by Guy Aitchinson

Biomech Flower Tattoo Shirt by Guy Aitchinson

Biomechanical wizard Guy Aitchison is one of tattoo’s biggest heavyweights. Influenced by artists Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, Alex Grey, and H.R. Giger, Guy Aitchison metamorphoses the human canvas into masterful works of living art. Through his exhaustive experience in the tattoo industry, he has produced volumes of comprehensive guides for professional tattooists. Combined they are considered by many to be “the Tattooer’s Bible.” (more…)


Heavy Metal tattoo shirt by Ben Wahhh

Heavy Metal tattoo shirt by Ben Wahhh

It was 1993 in the twin cities of Champaign Urbana, Illinois and life was throwing Ben Wahh some nasty curve balls. The academic grind was a year short of bearing fruit in the form of an art degree and Ben wasn’t that keen on the idea of a career as a tattooist. Nick Wiggins offered him an apprenticeship, and you guessed it, Ben said yes. Before he knew it, he was heading down hill with no brakes. As he picked up speed he headed north to Chicago and worked with Bob Oslon at Custom Tattoo. It wasn’t that long after when he ventured out on his own in the windy city opening DELUXE TATTOO on April 25, 1997. With a crew of 4 top notch tattooists the shop is buzzin’ 7 days a week. Some of the finest custom work comes out of Chicago by tattooists like Guy Aitchison and Kim Saigh, so Ben was surprised to find that most customers idea of tattooing is limited to flash. Once people see a few custom pieces they clearly recognize the difference and that is where Ben steps in. Only then do they discover what the world of tattooing has to offer. (more…)