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Kings Avenue Tattoo artists

FROM TOP LEFT: Frankie C. , Horitomo, Horitaka (Owner of State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose), Mike Rubendall (Owner of Kings Avenue Tattoo in Massapequa & NYC), GREZ, Matt Beckerich, Brian Paul & Jason Tyler Grace. IN FRONT: DJ Cato of NYC (holding YellowMan shirt by Horitomo)  & John Foscante (manager of Kings Avenue)

DJ Cato of NYC has graced the home page of several times now, wickedly styling YellowMan tattoo shirts (including a tattoo shirt by Horitomo he’s holding in the above picture), but now he’s taking his love of YellowMan a step further. He’s having some of the artists ink the art directly to skin – and it’s looking mighty good.

DJ Cato is currently having his work done by Matt Beckerich (third from top right, above) at ink-heavyweight Mike Rubendall’s Kings Avenue Tattoo in New York. He sits for four hours at a time while Beckerich does his work. If that sounds painful, DJ Cato tells us the tattoo removal he received before this tattoo work began was far more excruciating. This is something to think about if you are on the verge of getting a haphazard tattoo.

Traditional Japanese koi tattoo sequence

A photo montage of Traditional Japanese koi tattoo sleeve stages. FROM TOP LEFT: (1) Stencil of art transferred to arm. (2) tattoo linework begins. (3) Tattoo artist Matt Beckerich at work. (4) Shading and color applied. (5) Spectacular koi tattoo sleeve at Kings Avenue Tattoo (note how clean it is there!)

Tiger tattoo

The start of DJ Cato’s traditional Tiger sleeve by Matt Beckerich.

In the early days of YellowMan Tattoo Clothing, tattoo artist Horitaka (pictured third from top left) helped the late founder, Peter Mui, broker relationships with other top tattoo artists, like Horitomo (pictured below with DJ Cato). Over the years Horitaka and Horitomo have both produced exceptional designs for the premium tattoo clothing brand.

DJ Cato flings a YellowMan shirt over his shoulder, designed by the artist by his side, Horitomo.

Those of us lucky to be around in the office in the early YellowMan days often experienced the treat of opening packages and unrolling tubes of original artwork from world-class tattoo artists – like this incredible koi tattoo sleeve art by Horitomo:

Original koi tattoo art by tattoo master Horitomo, as exhibited in the 2009 Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami.

In the span of over a decade Peter Mui was able to amass a vast collection of original artwork from over 70 of the top tattoo artists around the world. That artwork has become the gold standard of the exclusive YellowMan Authentic tattoo shirts now available at If you haven’t ever seen one of these amazing shirts in person, you have to experience one to believe the exceptional quality of print, fabric and comfort. There truly is nothing like it anywhere else!

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Anyone who visited the 2009 Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami, an original art exhibition coinciding with Art Basel and the Wynwood Walls project, will remember the stunning original tattoo artwork on display. The exhibition featured over 25 of the world’s top tattoo artists, spanning a wide range of styles and motifs. Only a handful of the works on display there had been reproduced as collectible, wearable art YellowMan shirts, and many lucky gallery-goers walked away wearing them.

Now, a year following the Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition, YellowMan tattoo clothing fans around the world are chomping at the bit for more. Requests for new tattoo shirts, beyond the wide array of designs already available at, have been mounting. The truth is, YellowMan fans just can’t get enough!

Well… we’ll let you in on a little secret. YellowMan is gearing up to unveil two new YellowMan tattoo shirts that will knock your socks off. The original tattoo sleeve art for both shirts were on display at the Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami and received a great deal of attention.

Original tattoo sleeve art by Taiwanese artist Chia, as displayed at the 2009 Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami, represents one piece of art in YellowMan's upcoming shirt unveiling for the 2010 holiday season.

YellowMan’s two new tattoo shirt designs for the 2010 Holiday season will include one design for Men and one for Women. Both are equally exquisite, and will make perfect, unique, meaningful gifts, although we suspect you will want to keep them for yourself once you see them.

To be the first in line to order one of these new YellowMan shirts, be sure you are on the YellowMan mailing list. You will be alerted as soon as they are available!

A YellowMan sleeve design by New Zealand artist Roger Ingerton, as displayed at the 2009 Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami.

Express your freedom in YellowMan's "Freedom Picks" tattoo clothing

Express your freedom in YellowMan's patriotic tattoo clothing selections.

Freedom means a great deal to all of us. At YellowMan, we encourage freedom to express individuality through original tattoo art. The good news is that YellowMan is designed to be worn in multiple ways; you can flaunt it, or wear it as a first layer, concealed or slightly revealed. YellowMan can be casual, formal, or athletic. Whatever your style, we want you to be free to wear YellowMan your own way.

To commemorate Independence Day, we’ve put together a sampling of YellowMan garments that will put you in the celebrative spirit. For our complete “Patriotic Picks” selections, go here.

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YellowMan rolls out its much anticipated YMX tattoo cycling jersey line

YellowMan rolls out its much anticipated YMX tattoo cycling jersey line

Step into Paragon NYC and you’ll see a major new player in the cycling department. YellowMan’s line of YMX (YellowMan Extreme) tattoo bike shirts will grab your attention in a New York heartbeat. These performance jerseys bring adventure to your cycling experience before your bike is even mounted on the car rack. Infused with powerful art that comes from top tattoo artists around the globe, these YMX bike shirts display works of art ranging from Biomechanical tattoo, Japanese Yakuza tattoo, American Traditional tattoo styles and beyond. Artists include tattoo icons such as American artists Tim Lehi and Aaron Cain, French tattoo artist Henri Riton, Sweden’s master artist Tony Paukku, and others.

These extrordinary cycling shirts aren’t just about the amazing art, though. They feature proprietary MadKool fabrics designed to efficiently wick moisture from your skin and regulate your natural body temperature, so you can push your boundaries to the limit. If adventure is your game, these YMX bike shirts are the real deal.

YellowMan’s new line of YMX bike jerseys are only just rolling out, but will be showcased at upcoming Summer trade shows beginning with Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in July. Expect to see an expanded line in the months ahead, as demand is already rapidly growing both domestically and internationally.

You can see the current available YMX cycling line at
Paragon NYC
Mon – Sat 10:00am – 8:00pm
Sun 11:00am – 7:00pm.
867 Broadway, NY, NY 10003
1-800-961-3030 or 212-255-8889