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If you are one of the scores of people that have flocked to YMX’s Flower Clouds cycling jersey for women, you’ll like these new additions to They are made with the same silky-soft, UV protection, MadKool fabrics that everyone loves.

As a bonus, you also have the option of pairing up your YMX cycling jersey with matching UV protection armwarmers.

These items are truly in short supply and will be gone quickly! If you want one don’t delay!

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If you wield the cross sign towards synthetic fabrics take note of this: YellowMan is reshaping attitudes toward fabrics at a staggering rate. During YellowMan’s tattoo art exhibition in Miami, YellowMan has been giving free t-shirt samples away to help familiarize people with YellowMan’s amazing, proprietary MadKool technical fabrics.

Yesterday, for example, a German man (let’s call him Heinrich) came into the exhibition space and was offered a free shirt. He looked at the fabric and scoffed, “I could NEVER wear that!” A YellowMan staff member gave him the pitch about MadKool fabrics; how they breathe and wick moisture from the body, how they have UV and anti-bacterial protection, etc… Heinrich was still resistant, and insisted that cotton was the only thing he could tolerate. His wife pointed out that the shirt was free, and due to her prompting he reluctantly took the shirt and left.

Moments later Heinrich came back with the sample shirt in hand. He didn’t feel good about taking a shirt he would never wear. So he went into the bathroom to try the shirt on and satisfy his certainty he wouldn’t like it. But when he came out of the bathroom, he was beaming, wearing the shirt and declaring “It’s like wearing nothing at all!” He was so happy with the shirt that he wanted to wear it instead of the cotton polo shirt he had formerly been wearing. He left the space a very happy convert.

But the story doesn’t end there. An hour later another man came into the space inquiring about the free t-shirt samples, “I just met a European man that was raving about your shirts,” he said. “He told me to come here. What do I have to do to get one?” This man, too, walked out of the exhibit space a very happy fabric convert, wearing a YellowMan t-shirt made of MadKool technical fabric.

This is only one of many similar encounters regarding YellowMan’s MadKool fabrics. Virtually everyone that tries the fabric loves it. And the word is spreading like wildfire.

MadKool fabrics are made with a Polyester/Spandex blend, offering UV protection, wick moisture away from the body, are anti-bacterial, and hold permanent, vivid prints.

YellowMan rolls out its much anticipated YMX tattoo cycling jersey line

YellowMan rolls out its much anticipated YMX tattoo cycling jersey line

Step into Paragon NYC and you’ll see a major new player in the cycling department. YellowMan’s line of YMX (YellowMan Extreme) tattoo bike shirts will grab your attention in a New York heartbeat. These performance jerseys bring adventure to your cycling experience before your bike is even mounted on the car rack. Infused with powerful art that comes from top tattoo artists around the globe, these YMX bike shirts display works of art ranging from Biomechanical tattoo, Japanese Yakuza tattoo, American Traditional tattoo styles and beyond. Artists include tattoo icons such as American artists Tim Lehi and Aaron Cain, French tattoo artist Henri Riton, Sweden’s master artist Tony Paukku, and others.

These extrordinary cycling shirts aren’t just about the amazing art, though. They feature proprietary MadKool fabrics designed to efficiently wick moisture from your skin and regulate your natural body temperature, so you can push your boundaries to the limit. If adventure is your game, these YMX bike shirts are the real deal.

YellowMan’s new line of YMX bike jerseys are only just rolling out, but will be showcased at upcoming Summer trade shows beginning with Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in July. Expect to see an expanded line in the months ahead, as demand is already rapidly growing both domestically and internationally.

You can see the current available YMX cycling line at
Paragon NYC
Mon – Sat 10:00am – 8:00pm
Sun 11:00am – 7:00pm.
867 Broadway, NY, NY 10003
1-800-961-3030 or 212-255-8889


Looking for athletic bike shirts with an extra kick? Thanks to YellowMan you can now get them under the YMX (YellowMan Extreme) line. YMX cycling shirts are not only engineered with top quality MadKool performance fabrics, they also feature vivid works of tattoo art on them. Whether you like biomechanical art or traditional American tattoo art, you’ll find your perfect fit somewhere in this great new collection. Once you try one of these great YMX bike shirts you will see why more and more pro athletes are wearing them.