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Anyone who visited the 2009 Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami, an original art exhibition coinciding with Art Basel and the Wynwood Walls project, will remember the stunning original tattoo artwork on display. The exhibition featured over 25 of the world’s top tattoo artists, spanning a wide range of styles and motifs. Only a handful of the works on display there had been reproduced as collectible, wearable art YellowMan shirts, and many lucky gallery-goers walked away wearing them.

Now, a year following the Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition, YellowMan tattoo clothing fans around the world are chomping at the bit for more. Requests for new tattoo shirts, beyond the wide array of designs already available at, have been mounting. The truth is, YellowMan fans just can’t get enough!

Well… we’ll let you in on a little secret. YellowMan is gearing up to unveil two new YellowMan tattoo shirts that will knock your socks off. The original tattoo sleeve art for both shirts were on display at the Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami and received a great deal of attention.

Original tattoo sleeve art by Taiwanese artist Chia, as displayed at the 2009 Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami, represents one piece of art in YellowMan's upcoming shirt unveiling for the 2010 holiday season.

YellowMan’s two new tattoo shirt designs for the 2010 Holiday season will include one design for Men and one for Women. Both are equally exquisite, and will make perfect, unique, meaningful gifts, although we suspect you will want to keep them for yourself once you see them.

To be the first in line to order one of these new YellowMan shirts, be sure you are on the YellowMan mailing list. You will be alerted as soon as they are available!

A YellowMan sleeve design by New Zealand artist Roger Ingerton, as displayed at the 2009 Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami.

Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition

YellowMan's Tattoo Sleeves exhibition in Miami can now be viewed online.

Early in December YellowMan announced its Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami. Now the exhibition can be viewed online.

Have a look at the masterful tattoo art as produced by the world’s top tattoo masters.

The Wynwood Walls Project in Miami features 15 graffiti and muralist artists from around the world

While YellowMan’s Tattoo Sleeves exhibition in Miami covers its interior walls with art, the walls on the outside are blanketed with spectacular art produced by some of the world’s biggest graffiti artists and muralists. Produced by Deitich Projects and Goldman Properties, The Wynwood Walls feature “fifteen influential artists from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States.”

A photo gallery of The Wynwood Walls by Andreas Engel can be viewed here.

“The artists in the first phase of The Wynwood Walls are: Aiko from Japan, Os Gemeos and Nunca from Brazil, Stelios Faitakis from Greece, and Jim Drain, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Barry McGee, Ara Peterson, Clare Rojas, Kenny Scharf and the team of Swoon, David Ellis and Ben Wolf from the United States.”

YellowMan presents a premier exhibition of original tattoo art in Miami.

Coinciding with Art Basel 2009 in Miami, YellowMan will for the first time put original tattoo art from YellowMan founder Peter Mui’s private collection on display for public viewing. The exhibition, entitled “Tattoo Sleeves”, includes original tattoo art from 27 different tattoo masters, representing the world’s most acclaimed artists in their respective styles, spanning Japanese Irezumi, Maori Tribal, American Traditional, New Skool, Biomechanical, Traditional Thai Monk tattoo, Henna tattoo, and other major tattoo styles.

When commissioning an artist, Mui provided a sleeve template (along with front and back shirt templates) and encouraged free creative reign to produce work that would best exemplify the artist’s signature style. As a result, this exhibition offers a rare window into the diversity of artistic approach within the confines of an iconic sleeve template, as produced by the world’s most respected tattoo masters.

YellowMan's TATTOO SLEEVES exhibition in Miami includes art by tattoo heavyweights like Biomechanical master Aaron Cain.

The TATTOO SLEEVES exhibition has been made possible in part, through the generous support of real estate mogul, Tony Goldman. In an ambitious effort to energize the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Goldman is actively transforming the exteriors of  vacant, one-level warehouse buildings into raw canvases for internationally renowned muralists and graffiti artists. If all goes according to plan, the interiors of the warehouse buildings will be soon occupied by galleries, restaurants, and arts related venues.

When Goldman discovered the history and art concept behind YellowMan, he encouraged YellowMan to participate in his Wynwood Rennaisance. The collaboration of street art and tattoo art, in the context of masterfully executed fine art, offered the prospect of a progressive, urban art movement.

For now, YellowMan’s presence in Wynwood is temporary. But YellowMan is exploring the possibility of a longer term commitment to the community. After all, the TATTOO SLEEVES exhibit reveals only the tip of the iceberg of Peter Mui’s impressive original tattoo art collection.