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Kings Avenue Tattoo artists

FROM TOP LEFT: Frankie C. , Horitomo, Horitaka (Owner of State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose), Mike Rubendall (Owner of Kings Avenue Tattoo in Massapequa & NYC), GREZ, Matt Beckerich, Brian Paul & Jason Tyler Grace. IN FRONT: DJ Cato of NYC (holding YellowMan shirt by Horitomo)  & John Foscante (manager of Kings Avenue)

DJ Cato of NYC has graced the home page of several times now, wickedly styling YellowMan tattoo shirts (including a tattoo shirt by Horitomo he’s holding in the above picture), but now he’s taking his love of YellowMan a step further. He’s having some of the artists ink the art directly to skin – and it’s looking mighty good.

DJ Cato is currently having his work done by Matt Beckerich (third from top right, above) at ink-heavyweight Mike Rubendall’s Kings Avenue Tattoo in New York. He sits for four hours at a time while Beckerich does his work. If that sounds painful, DJ Cato tells us the tattoo removal he received before this tattoo work began was far more excruciating. This is something to think about if you are on the verge of getting a haphazard tattoo.

Traditional Japanese koi tattoo sequence

A photo montage of Traditional Japanese koi tattoo sleeve stages. FROM TOP LEFT: (1) Stencil of art transferred to arm. (2) tattoo linework begins. (3) Tattoo artist Matt Beckerich at work. (4) Shading and color applied. (5) Spectacular koi tattoo sleeve at Kings Avenue Tattoo (note how clean it is there!)

Tiger tattoo

The start of DJ Cato’s traditional Tiger sleeve by Matt Beckerich.

In the early days of YellowMan Tattoo Clothing, tattoo artist Horitaka (pictured third from top left) helped the late founder, Peter Mui, broker relationships with other top tattoo artists, like Horitomo (pictured below with DJ Cato). Over the years Horitaka and Horitomo have both produced exceptional designs for the premium tattoo clothing brand.

DJ Cato flings a YellowMan shirt over his shoulder, designed by the artist by his side, Horitomo.

Those of us lucky to be around in the office in the early YellowMan days often experienced the treat of opening packages and unrolling tubes of original artwork from world-class tattoo artists – like this incredible koi tattoo sleeve art by Horitomo:

Original koi tattoo art by tattoo master Horitomo, as exhibited in the 2009 Tattoo Sleeves Exhibition in Miami.

In the span of over a decade Peter Mui was able to amass a vast collection of original artwork from over 70 of the top tattoo artists around the world. That artwork has become the gold standard of the exclusive YellowMan Authentic tattoo shirts now available at If you haven’t ever seen one of these amazing shirts in person, you have to experience one to believe the exceptional quality of print, fabric and comfort. There truly is nothing like it anywhere else!

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Who else other than YellowMan can do this?! Now you can browse for your favorite tattoo shirt based on tattoo style. First of all, no other tattoo clothing brand has the range of tattoo art to pull this off, secondly, where else other than YellowMan can you find the quality of original art to put behind each style?

Browsing YellowMan garments by tattoo style isn't just helpful, it's educational.

Browsing YellowMan garments by tattoo style isn't just helpful, it's educational.

What’s great about this new browsing-by-tattoo-style feature is not just about finding your favorite biomechanical tattoo shirt, it is also educational. By now everyone knows there is a huge tattoo craze out there, but how many people actually know the difference between American Traditional and New Skool tattoos? There are several tattoo style references online, but they tend to be purely descriptive. YellowMan’s visual reference is a road map to the top tattoo artists in each style.

Perhaps you aren’t shopping for a tattoo shirt and are thinking of getting a tattoo but can’t decide what style to get or who should tattoo you… or maybe you are simply curious about tattoo styles and the artists that create them. Whatever your objective is (or isn’t), is worth the time navigating as a tattoo style reference.


Lotus Warrior Mesh Tattoo Shirt by Laura Saadati

Lotus Warrior Mesh Tattoo Shirt by Laura Saadati


Beginning life in the small northern California college town of Chico offered no reference for tattooing. Laura Sadaati’s earliest artistic inspiration was living in a home filled with art and artifacts from Iran. Her creative urge was unstoppable. She was always drawing and painting, inspired by the patterns, ornate designs and images of beautiful women.More… Her artwork has always been filled with emotional power, skill and imagination. As an artist, Laura is most comfortable painting large-scale figurative expressionist oils. Her creative impulses stem from moody social realism, which rarely depicts the happier side of life. A brief family pilgrimage back to Iran added fuel to the fire. The music scene, specifically Punk Rock, was her firsthand contact with tattooing. Her first tattoo was an eye on her ankle from Lyle Tuttle’s in San Francisco at eighteen.


Women's Buddhist Prayer Shirt by Buddhist Monk

Women's Buddhist Prayer Shirt by Buddhist Monk


To this day, the TATTOO MASTERS of Burma, Laos and Thailand are Buddhist priests and monks. They have perfected their technique and their spiritual mission to accumulate good karma.They only apply tattoos with positive content. While applying these protective tattoos the tattooist murmurs incantations and arranges dishes filled with fruits on a altar. Their tattooing implement is a 60 centimeter long lance. A copper figure of Buddha, snakes head, bird or demon adorn one end. Opposite this weighted end is a razor sharp point, divided into four grooves running up the tip of the shaft. These grooves holds the pigments. Black is made from a mixture of animal gall and soot. Vermilion is used for red and indigo for blue. A secret mixture of herbs known only to the master are blended with the dyes for magical tattoos. There are tattooists other than priests and monks who are not restricted to ritual designs and provide more aggressive images, cultural icons as well as non traditional tattoo designs.