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YMX tank tops provide superior athletic performance while offering a fashionable sense of style.

If you are looking for multi-functional, crossover garments that you can wear for athletic support and/or fashion, YMX tank tops for women (retail $64) are for you! Made with high quality, silk-like technical fabric, these stunning tanks are perfect for the gym, yoga, running, cycling, or as everyday casual garments. YMX tank tops offer a range of beautiful, original art, tattoo prints that are designed to enhance your curves. Choose prints ranging from Asian, Henna, or Polynesian Tribal designs.

YMX tank tops make you look and feel beautiful, no matter what you are doing. Pick your style now!

Linda Minsker (left) and Christine Fingado of the running team Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons, display their awards earned at the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Florida.

Keep on the lookout for the Florida running troupe, Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons. These spirited runners have discovered the winning benefits of YMX base layer garments.

Two of the team members, Linda Minsker and Christine Fingado (pictured above), recently ran in the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon wearing YMX’s Fierce Dragon long sleeve base layer shirt. The runners noted after the race, “The shirts were a show stopper. One guy even shouted out ‘Those shirts are HOT!'”

The truth is the shirts don’t just look great, they are ultra-functional. The proprietary MadKool fabric is comfortable, lightweight, and efficiently wicks moisture away from your skin. It’s no wonder that the entire Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons team will be wearing YMX in their upcoming Ragnar marathon in January.

Fierce Dragon Base Layer shirt by Yellowman

It’s sleek, graceful, and attractive. What more could you ask for in a women’s running shirt? Featuring intricate tribal print details with a woman’s touch, YMX’s Tribal Floral Base Layer Top made exclusively for Athleta, is also REALLY comfortable. Made with high-performance MadKool fabric that denies your sweat, your next run will be as enjoyable as it possibly could be.

YMX "Flower Clouds" cycling jerseys with matching armwarmers have arrived.

Newsflash! The long awaited YMX “Flower Clouds” cycling jerseys with matching armwarmers for women have arrived! Many of you have already placed advanced orders and have been patiently waiting. For the rest of you, act quickly if you want to order. These are our most popular items so far, so they are moving fast! You can check them out here.

YellowMan's YMX Henna Bloom base layer shirt and tights at SIA fashion show in Denver.

The SIA Snow Show in Denver has been in full swing, and this year SIA’s Snow Show Fashion Show featured a couple of YMX’s stunning new base layer performance garments on the runway. Pictured above is YMX’s Women’s “Henna Bloom” base layer top and bottom. Below, YMX’s “Eagle Fire” performance shirt by YMX, which can be worn as a base layer or as a sporty long-sleeve shirt for everyday wear.

YMX's "Eagle Fire" performance shirt by YMX

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(Photos by Cyrus McCrimmon )

The scoop behind MadKool Fabrics

Posted: January 12, 2010 by Andreas Engel in Misc.
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Gradually, people are discovering the magic of MadKool fabrics. So what is MadKool, anyway?

MadKool fabrics need to be worn to be fully appreciated. They are soft, lightweight, and fully breathable. The days of scratchiness, discomfort, and sweat accumulation are things of the past, thanks to the technology behind MadKool. Madkool is a polyester/lycra blend that is formulated in pellets. The pellets are then carefully converted into yarns according to the desired performance properties. MadKool has an amazing balance of everything a person could ask for in a fabric, to the point that, when worn, feels as if nothing is on.

Aside from all the moisture-wicking, UV protection, and anti-bacterial benefits, MadKool fabrics also make a perfect vehicle for enduring, vivid prints. There’s nothing else like it.

MadKool fabrics offer a lot more than performance benefits. They also hold vivid, permanent prints.